D.C. 9.12-10.12

Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden / Lovely snow patterns forming around the city                  Bacon & Hatoum       Trashcan Wisdom: don’t let go of certain things.. more soon! Advertisements

D.C. 7.12 – 9.12

Washington D.C. with Mom / Waking up to snowfall & a greeting from the hotel cat. The leaves are like paper cut-outs.. There’s something about big bags of leaves that I find so charming… It’s as if someone packed just enough autumn for a short vacation.       Smithsonian American Art Museum La Mano Poderosa: … Continue reading

台灣 3.7- 4.7

(The last batch of photographs from my trip to Taiwan) — Even the walls are damp with perspiration, sweat trickling along the cracks.       And flowers melt… time for a nap…


01-03-2013 – Scientific Illustration Field Trip Friday morning Took a drive out to the Aquarium on Skidaway Island           The Red Lionfish A venomous greeting with a flitter of her dorsal spine and I was bewitched. Spotted Seatrout The fish that preferred a fainter shadow decided to retain half of it but it soon … Continue reading


It is an interesting experience, living in someone else’s apartment. like a creature inhabiting a new part of the woods. – – Wake, trace old footsteps around blissful furniture. Lights dim, and I am fetal in the birth place of happy memories. – – –        The Honest House, by Megan Falley In … Continue reading


coupons by Charles Bukowski cigarettes wetted with beer from the night before you light one gag open the door for air and on your doorstep is a dead sparrow his head and breast chewed away. hanging from the doorknob is an ad from the All American Burger consisting of several coupons which say that with … Continue reading


Kevin Henkes. Olive’s Ocean. (Greenwillow, 2003.) Newbery Award, 2004. “Are you Martha Boyle?” Martha nodded. “You don’t know me,” said the woman at the door. “Olive Barstow was my daughter. I was her mother.” Martha heard herself gasp. A small, barely audible gasp. “I don’t know how well you knew Olive,” said the woman. “She … Continue reading

29-07-2012  the mother’s birthday present        /close up was not planning the klimt reference, but i guess it turned out that way.. /the quilt by Desmond Sim I want to illustrate this in multiple ways!


new bag how odd is the color. love it! -outfit craves -light reads -tablet fun /via COS digital painting   /cala lilies, silver bream, broad shouldered matron /after rain fog   /under the dark sun.. -the predecessor from 2010 (watercolor, commissioned piece)


a peek into the diary… people at dropsnap / tako-pachi flavored rings + ginger ale        lazy meals and snacks.. / attended Portraits After Dark on 13-07-2012 the kind sitter bought my work below (-: photo credit oicsingapore /wished i snapped some pictures..