20-03-2013 Spring Break       photoshoot in an alley see the project on behance :                                        Best outfit ever. Advertisements


all the new things! /new space /new friend wifi (wee-fee)       no need for speakers, a cup works just fine! / new illustrations        just personal doodles of the past week. /late night chats & chilling at parks same old, same old.


been playing with my new tablet all day… what i wore the last 3 days a nice cart, colorful mess and plants.. via time for some work…


Headed down to Forsyth for the Sidewalk Chalk Arts Festival…              wandering on our way back…        outfit inspiration: mint ice-cream :-) Anna and her creeper face..  


design project 3: Music inspired sculpture using 2 material types and a base — Shugo Tokumaru – Tracking Elevator S t i c k s   &   J e l l y b e a n s —  — my matching outfit — bought some packing tissue from Dollartree

NYC 17.3-19.3

Day 3 1.Manhattan flea 2.Lost in Soho Day 4 1.Brooklyn flea 2.Brooklyn museum 3.Night-ferry to Manhattan Day5 1.Breakfast in the park 2.American Museum of Natural History 3.Central Park 4.Italian dinner at Essex           /some snaps by Minzoo — the haul Bag Loxwood  –  $5   Manhattan flea Boots Nine West  –  $20   Manhattan … Continue reading


A visit to Telfair Museum down on Barnard Street.. I love this dress Anna gave to me! perfect for Vintage shopping… the kind owner lets us mess around on it.. little girl with great taste.. an inspired outfit

Olive & Tar

Living like a cat.. lazing around campus — fringe shirt, guppy and totokaelo.

cold sunlight

a spontaneous outing with friends.. What a day!


12.12.2011 Went to church to decorate a wall… not the Sistine chapel or anything.. but I hope the kids like it. (still in progress) Then some roiworld fun at Starbucks…