20-03-2013 Spring Break       photoshoot in an alley see the project on behance :                                        Best outfit ever. Advertisements


:-/ Life has been boring Time for some prints \ / just some cool girls from the internet /                                                                      (where life is infinitely more fun) / / / / / / \    a screen-cap when I was working on a fashion illustration / see more at: TOKYO/GIRLS      & /dorm lyfe


my latest digi-doodle: a get well illustration for my grandma. we are all little grains from the same sack of rice. close-ups on behance:   /some images i like via MNZ


coupons by Charles Bukowski cigarettes wetted with beer from the night before you light one gag open the door for air and on your doorstep is a dead sparrow his head and breast chewed away. hanging from the doorknob is an ad from the All American Burger consisting of several coupons which say that with … Continue reading

metal & knit

just some images I’ve been inspired by: via SIRN /dropsnap /maraisUSA


Its strange. I’ve gotten used to a suitcase lifestyle, but still, i don’t like leaving.             MNZ always inspires me. via MNZ, la garconne, dropsnap   /the 2 day art class I conducted at a studio… /a digital painting I have yet to finish one last coffee session before the … Continue reading


new bag how odd is the color. love it! -outfit craves -light reads -tablet fun /via COS digital painting   /cala lilies, silver bream, broad shouldered matron /after rain fog   /under the dark sun.. -the predecessor from 2010 (watercolor, commissioned piece)


a peek into the diary… people at dropsnap / tako-pachi flavored rings + ginger ale        lazy meals and snacks.. / attended Portraits After Dark on 13-07-2012 the kind sitter bought my work below (-: photo credit oicsingapore /wished i snapped some pictures..


Things that fill my days: -Plucking tau-gey on a Sunday afternoon -A cooling snack -Hanging out -Drawing… What a perfect picture, by Jeana Sohn. / / /She was sixteen years old, but she had the build of a girl of thirteen or fourteen.  /Her breasts and hips were far from fully matured. /Her body reminded … Continue reading


on a boring afternoon… because it was blazing outside & some tablet doodling (melting…) bye!