D.C. 10.12-13.12

The last few days were a blur of battling the brutal chill /       National Gallery of Art       Seeking shelter within frosted walls       The Phillips Collection Natural History Museum “This sheet of nearly pure copper that was sandwiched between layers of shale. It crumpled when miners blasted the rock. Bits of … Continue reading

D.C. 9.12-10.12

Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden / Lovely snow patterns forming around the city                  Bacon & Hatoum       Trashcan Wisdom: don’t let go of certain things.. more soon!

D.C. 7.12 – 9.12

Washington D.C. with Mom / Waking up to snowfall & a greeting from the hotel cat. The leaves are like paper cut-outs.. There’s something about big bags of leaves that I find so charming… It’s as if someone packed just enough autumn for a short vacation.       Smithsonian American Art Museum La Mano Poderosa: … Continue reading