Kevin Henkes. Olive’s Ocean. (Greenwillow, 2003.) Newbery Award, 2004.

“Are you Martha Boyle?”

Martha nodded.

“You don’t know me,” said the woman at the door. “Olive Barstow was my
daughter. I was her mother.”

Martha heard herself gasp. A small, barely audible gasp.

“I don’t know how well you knew Olive,” said the woman. “She was so shy.”

The woman reached into the pocket of the odd smock she was wearing and 
retrieved a folded piece of paper. 

“But I found this in her journal, and I think she’d want you to have it.”

The rusted screen that separated them gave the woman a gauzy appearance.

Martha cracked open the door to receive the pink rectangle.

“That’s all,” the woman said, already stepping off the stoop. “And thank you.
Thank you, Martha Boyle.”

The woman mounted a very old bicycle and pedaled away, her long, sleek braid
hanging behind her like a tail.

Breathing deeply to quiet her heart,

Martha remained by the door thinking

about Olive Barstow,

unable for the moment to unfold the paper and read it.
/ / / 


what i wanted to express using surreal space and soft marks:

/Martha's awe after her encounter with a stranger
/The prevalent absence of Olive
/The quiet sadness and tranquil effect of the passage

fish bicycle & minnow wind-chime to express the two girls' affinity with the ocean..




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