Things that fill my days: -Plucking tau-gey on a Sunday afternoon -A cooling snack -Hanging out -Drawing… What a perfect picture, by Jeana Sohn. / / /She was sixteen years old, but she had the build of a girl of thirteen or fourteen.  /Her breasts and hips were far from fully matured. /Her body reminded … Continue reading


on a boring afternoon… because it was blazing outside & some tablet doodling (melting…) bye!

little rooms

 Color Theory Final Project (Spring 2012) A Diorama of little creatures living in tiny rooms. It was a mad rush trying to complete this project… I used a frame from Utrecht, Sculpey, Wire, Acrylic Paint, Paper… and other little crafty stuff. (a video i made of the project) –  p r o p s  a … Continue reading


Life Drawing Final – Self Portrait (Spring 2012) Black & White Charcoal on Green Canson Mi-Teintes Paper /abigail Signed with a constellation because I felt like it… –  s k e t c h e s  –        I am back in Singapore!