Ahmah’s Box

An 8 month long project back in 2010,

8 Preparatory Boards to document my concept & process and a final project (mixed media chest).

This work is about me imagining myself as my grandmother, who grows special herbs in her garden to cure her physical and emotional problems.

Do check out my Behance site to understand the work better, and see more photos!



for more, please visit my behance site!

thank you for reading!

6 Responses to “Ahmah’s Box”
  1. GDW says:

    This is beautiful. Did you handcraft everything yourself? I really appreciate the attention to every single detail in the piece. Much applause.

    • abigoh says:

      Thank you! I had a little help from my dad in constructing the chest, but other than that I made/drew/painted everything myself :-)

      I spent a lot of time on the meaning behind the objects… you can check them out at http://be.net/AbigailGoh

      thank you again!

  2. artreviewed says:

    This is beautiful, breathtaking, amazing! So much detail and colour and the items! Wow! Lovely! x

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