been playing with my new tablet all day… what i wore the last 3 days a nice cart, colorful mess and plants.. via time for some work… Advertisements


A handmade pop-up cd case with a little portfolio booklet  ( 7 day project ) Process: 1. Learnt the mechanics of a pop-up case online and then decided to go with the idea of an arm extending the CD out. 2. Designed the abibot and illustrated the cover and drawings over photograph backgrounds. 3. Bound the … Continue reading


After weeks of life-drawing, it feels good to stylize my little fashion doodles. via/ via

Ahmah’s Box

An 8 month long project back in 2010, 8 Preparatory Boards to document my concept & process and a final project (mixed media chest). This work is about me imagining myself as my grandmother, who grows special herbs in her garden to cure her physical and emotional problems. Do check out my Behance site to understand … Continue reading

Impossible Landscape

Big Poster Project (Fall 2011) Choose Object for abstraction : Bunch of keys Create 2 templates in black & white Doodle & design on the templates Choose one, arrange multiple of it on Photoshop End Product : Huge Poster! Drafts: 1.waterfall & crystals 2. Crustacean 3.Illusion 4. Knits 5. Final! Arranging in Photoshop Final 42″ … Continue reading

fox & rabbits

Color theory project 2 – Tints and Shades in any form I created two dioramas over the weekend. Materials I used: Box Frames, Paper, Wire, Wool, Color-aid paper, Acrylic Paint (painted desiccant balls for berries, a snip of fishing line as backing for the ‘floating butterfly’ and two snips of a strand of hair for … Continue reading