Handmade book:

A 9 day project

My first time coloring images on photoshop…

(The task : Apply color harmony and discord to any project of your choice…)

the pages (.gif -please click to view)


page thumbnails




7 Responses to “colours”
  1. nonoymanga says:

    Alluring work. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  2. alirthome says:

    love the character design!

  3. kum4h4aing says:

    i love the color composition and also the characters ,request permission to reblog this post :D

  4. kum4h4aing says:

    Reblogged this on Curiosity is Not a Crime and commented:
    Very inspiring design and help me to learn more about colours ..( better do in my future work ) oopss .this was re blog from abigoh blog at and she told me about another site too ( ! :)

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