Headed down to Forsyth for the Sidewalk Chalk Arts Festival…              wandering on our way back…        outfit inspiration: mint ice-cream :-) Anna and her creeper face..   Advertisements


This was done on the last day of class of last quarter, as a small introduction to life drawing… Long pose, small with many proportion errors … — Week 3-4 of Life Drawing 20 min figures, large format figures on the left are from week 1, on the right week 3          … Continue reading


life drawing class (first 2 weeks) -Skeleton from 5 angles, drawn from observation -life models, 20 minute poses more soon


Handmade book: A 9 day project My first time coloring images on photoshop… (The task : Apply color harmony and discord to any project of your choice…) — the pages (.gif -please click to view) sketchbook page thumbnails            


Design project (Fall 2011): Accordion book Arrange 10 flying objects in photoshop, doubling the number for every frame. – floppy flying fish – – the pages –


spring is here… via / via/ via


design project 3: Music inspired sculpture using 2 material types and a base — Shugo Tokumaru – Tracking Elevator S t i c k s   &   J e l l y b e a n s —  — my matching outfit — bought some packing tissue from Dollartree