Inspiration Images for Final Project:


o n   t h e   v e r g e   o f   f o r e v e r

b y  a a r o n   m a n i a m


We stop: listen to the sky’s fingers on grass strings

The octaves between mountain and valley

Play to a tremolo, crystallize just beyond

The hum of human hearing


Last night, wakeful, I stared out a caravan window

Letting the dark unquilt the details of the soul

Last year’s stars told me a bedtime story

Started so long ago that only its ending

Reached me without losing its milky way


Then continued to a caesura dawn

A Blue Grass breeze ruffles wayside weeds

Tousles them with freshly woken sunlight

In this place, there can be nothing but gentleness

Where Grandfather Mountain is a frontdrop

Gazing, watching, protecting


Travelling this country road, I feel

No need to be taken home

Belonging is easy

In the landscape’s background whispers

I stand on the verge of forever

Stars, blowing fronds and a surcease unveiling

As if through a time lapse camera:

Eternity playing so slowly

That my eyes shine with smiles

And sweet tears I only half-comprehend

One Response to “Crystal”
  1. Mandy says:

    Inspiring photos.

    – Mandy

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